Saturday, October 10, 2009

Golddiggers lmao man.

Gawd! I love her Eyes, but her Way has stolen my own.

Found out the hard way girl I really loved months ago, was nothing but a sleazy gold-digger lol man that hurt. Yet so what, who can blame her she has kids and that's the way it is. Hell man she sold out our love for a free bowling bowl. LMAO man the Ball won, lol man. Well I just dropped a 25 year old as a possible girl friend. the reason? she denied me twice a kiss when I picked her up last week excuse then Mom was nearby and yesterday cause she was close to work? Lol I took her home a little bit ago and told her hmm it ain't working out talk to you later she was floored but who gives a shit. My love and affection are unique and if a babe isn't worth my time and devotion than later man.

Have a date with Mariana (Pic Above) on Sunday. We've been talking every night for a couple hours I say a week now. I like her a lot yea shes a little older than me, but dam she so nice and sweet. I never want to be with a girl that talks so mean and cruelly to me, fuck that man who needs that crap. Why I like Mariana? She took her time to know me and understand everything I'm into. She was scared at first but she took the fucking time to understand. I don't care that a girl is the best fuck in town, hey man love making is subjective to begin with. So what good is a sexy girl that fucks like mad or blows like a hurricane if you don't connect. If your looking for Love then don't settle and keep looking yea its a lonely trip, but its a road best traveled with your Heart in its proper place than on your sleeve.

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