Monday, October 12, 2009

Found out am in Love again?

So if you want to look all fucking hot as a guy and I mean all muscley like. After all Bro when I left my house a year ago on Oct 12 and filed for divorce. I weighed at least 290 lbs. Am 150 now and DUDE its TRUE WOMEN LIKE A MAN WITH HOT BODY!!!!!! The Links below come from a hell of a women. She was my "T" Girl and no finer babe ever existed. I lost her forever and if I told you how, I lost her you would probably throw a rock at me and call me names. Whats the point man..shes gone and I guess so am I now too. Check out her links below as they not only worked for me, but it will change you forever.

Well Dear Blog Diary: right now am going through probably the worst financial moment in my life. Jesus man, everyone is on me from this to that, its all on me. Even have a crazed ex wife trying her fucking damnedest to jail me. Am horribly embarrassed with "T" Girl and fuck me man this shit sucks hard. Yet among all this crap well I have two beautiful women falling for me and yea, am falling for them hard too. I no longer think I would ever or at least for now call myself a one woman guy anymore. After the Group sex party with my Asian girlfriend (not Jenny) from Skinny's. I no longer get jealous, that's the best and most never thought of side effect from group sex. I guess if you think about it, most obvious too.

On Sunday Jenny and I were going to hang and sex it out like we do almost every weekend for past months. Heheh it rocked to be making love to a young girl, until tonight. Jenny came down with a cold this Saturday. We hung out and I did my best to care for her, medicines, cooking for her and making sure she kicked it well. Maybe overboard, but I had a girl friend once, that I actually forced her to come with me to fix my stupid car while she was sick with flu. I cringe to know I was once so unthoughtful and basically a real inconsiderate asshole. Anyways have been talking to a wonderful woman for past two weeks. We met on a dating site. In August we were going to meet but I got drunk bad one night and sent her pics of me doing stuff and well she wigged big time. She canceled our first date and said she would think about it in Utah as she wrote a book. I was very bummed but well am a little colder when it comes to a woman's stuff now.

So today I figure I head out to beach and wait for Jenny to call me and pick her sweet little ass up right.. She text-ed me, she couldn't make it and would rather stay home and rest, she had lost her voice. I was like hey baby no problem call me if you need anything am at the beach, she lives with her Mom. So I took off to beach but before that I pulled over and Called my 53 year old, ain't fixated on her age you'll read later in this post why I diss that age, its so misleading. She told me she would come to my apartment for supper I was making after beach.

Inside my get the girl to say yea Guts. I was like fuck yea man killer game. She called me on the way over with some stalling thing that a friend of hers had said don't visit a man on first date at his apartment and to go instead to starbucks. I listened patiently, agreed with her but replied sure Doll but lets meet at my place first and then you can follow me to Starbucks..she said great idea. When I hung up I chuckled and thought silly ladies.

Well when she called me later telling me she was on corner of my street. I walked out to greet her and that's when I lost my heart. When I saw her all tall and so fucking gorgeous. I almost fell over man. I walked over fast to her. I thought to myself you and this fine lady have spoken about lot this week on phone, cut the meeting for the first time routine and do her, just do her. When I got close

We shook hands, hugged and kissed her lightly on the lips. She giggled. I took her sunglasses off, and for a second or two, time stopped. My soul fell into her eyes, and it happily drowned in her wonderful magnificence. I grabbed her so gently, but so dam securely and kissed hard now and then we both let our wet lips introduce us to our hungry tongues for the formal introductions.

Guessed we kissed for like, what? 5..mins or so, right there in daylight on sidewalk with some cars honking as they drove bye..Walked over to my place and told her flat out, Christ girl you look like a movie star, she winked told me she was one years ago. I mean she had the most flawless light colored chocolate skin I'd ever seen. Showed her my crappy little apt. I was on a attack mode roll and I pressed her against the wall kissed her and we rubbed into each other for a while.

Seemed like 20 minutes we made out. she stopped pushed me so lightly back with just one little finger and whispered, "am overwhelmed lets get some coffee", and as spoken before on phone, had her follow me to Starbucks. After getting our coffees she said lets go to her car drink and talk. Well we kissed like we were 18 year olds in daddy s car at drive in. I had my fingers in her mouth and man she was grabbing the back of my neck and just inhaling me.

I have never been kissed that way be, well close by my surfer girl, she was just as old or a little older. We took off to my place to what I thought would be me making her dinner instead she laughed,pointed to my bedroom.... she then said, lets go there and have fun". I turned from the stove, looked right at her and shouted Yea!!!!!!!! Yup I know a little to anxious, but keep in mind I just had a 25 year Japanese beauty in same bedroom for past two days. In other words, I was in the middle of a crazy, but so fucking non-ending delicious sex dream and I was fully awake.

The point of all this babbling from a middle aged man is. I want to remember later when I ready this entry, If I changed with love and evolved or stayed the same as I am now. See If My "old Lady" doesn't come back to me tomorrow or following days, which I would find totally strange as I don't read people wrong like that, I wouldn't be devastated or madly Its like Sports Fishing, sometimes you land one and mount it as a trophy, but mostly the others get away........ Yet its fun to fish and try.

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