Friday, September 18, 2009

What a flipping week man!

Am against the cave wall with wolves taking bites out of me in all the right places while I'm bleeding out of all the wrong ones. Yea I put one after another down, but they keep coming. Last night I left a voice mail to my little Jennette, shes the third Japanese girl I go out with and how I hooked up with 3 of them, I'll never know. Basically told her, "look baby your 25 and well best you go on with your life, as my life has to much drama in it". Added that she was probably the best sexual time I've ever had in my life and I guess hedged my heart and told her if she wanted me, all she had to do was to call and it would be back on in full force. Well she "texted me at 1:30 am with message: "Bet you thought I had said laterz huh? Talk to you tomorrow from work Honey" .

Rofl man when I saw that I tripped out, shes called me at least 5 times today for long assed chats lol man. I like the girl shes so sweet and to tell you the truth there is a huge difference with Japanese Americans and Latinas or any other race for that matter. She said today life is full of a drama and that we both should stand together back to back and scream at them to bring it. Wow man I fell a little harder after that. I never want to fall in love again, but its sure nice to have a friend.

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