Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesdays always Rock!

If you read the old Ian Flemming Books on 007 James Bond as I did as a kid. I was always freaking amazed that the same dude I would see on the big screen would be in a book totally screwing a babe in movie-house and then leaving for some fight or something. Read one like in Moonraker and few others. So I guess a kid I wanted to develop some mans skill that would let me enjoy a woman fully minutes or hours after meeting her.

OK had my first date with an actress, granted an older one, but a super fun girl. She needed help with her divorce and since "T" Girl basically saved my life with her help, I decided to to be of assistance. As I go over today's events I chuckle oh how now within an hour too I am necking with a girl I just met stroking her sweet inner thigh and lovingly massaging her breasts while we kiss deeply. Months ago that would have been not even a thought. I like this honeys Balls. Shes a real actress and she autographed some older glossies of herself to me(pic below). I thought that was sweet. I like a woman's photos.

We played a heavy game at a Starbucks in NO HO. She called it the older passage scores the breakfast game. Its a fun and very romantic trivial pursuit kinda of a verbal game. You quote old passage from past great works. When I saw steam coming from her skirt when I quoted by heart and passionately an old tidy from Chaucer, I knew I had her, but nay Sir. I went in for the kill and hit her mind with Plato's Dialogues. She hopped over and sat on my lap in front of everybody and kissed me. See I have a fucking vain weakness, I love a woman that loves or doesn't care about PDA'S Its what a guy like me lives for. To me it means shes knows herself and how well she is looking with such a sexy confidence. Normally I would have taken her back to my place but I didn't. She was like wtf? Told her I never want to lie to a woman again. I confessed to her that I'm still in love with "T" Girl.

My date laughed and said come over Sunday and I promise you Mr. Hamilton you'll forget that girl ever existed. She calls me the George Hamilton of the Hispanic world. To tell you the truth when she said to me she score massive BROWNIE POINTS. I mean the kinda you ask to live with you at the beach with. I think tomorrow I get a BWM Convertible...heheh crossing fingers now.

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