Monday, September 21, 2009

She emailed me today.

" Hi My Name,
Just wanted to see how you are. You are a wonderful, exciting man and I hope life is being kind.
Her Name "

One of the prettiest woman I've ever known emailed me this morning, asking how I was and called me nice names. When this beauty accepted my first date. I was floored when I met her. She looked like a girl right out of a Swiss Milk commercial. A Natural blond with a smile that lit my soul on fire with possibilities of a future with such a honey. We kissed like teenagers our first date and couldn't keep our hands off each other at the beach., she even surfed for me, hence her nick name "surfer girl". Even though we went clubbing, kissing on third date, I lost her that night. I kinda know why. She looked around my mean little apt and must have thought "this guy ain't over his past life yet". She was right, I wasn't yet. I was still getting over "T" Girl and I had given up on love. It showed in my dwelling. She Dumped me the next day..bleh. Then a week later it hit me as I strolled the beach during a grunion run, as I saw couples and families enjoying the dusk.

Women are not Men's equals, not by a long shot. Oh yea we work together raising a family and many other equalizing be it bonding details, but at the end of the day Men are born and meant to rule Women with love, respect and mutual admiration. After all what on this green Earth could be more important to Mankind than a woman's delicate, but steely heart?. When I came to that realization, well being with any woman I gazed upon, was no longer a problem. I adore women, but I love myself too:) I relish who I've become and the pleasure women get dating me, be it walking on a moonlight bathed beach or sweaty pounding jungle sex in bedroom. I trip being with a woman that laughs and enjoys how I do my best to make sure she has fun with our precious time together.

Do not mistake my sincerity for macho bullshit cause I'm Latin and favor Italy's culture. Why not? all our Hispanic roots lead back to Rome through they're conquest of Spain long ago. The Women I seek. Desire beyond all that is noble and unselfish, is a woman endowed with Sparta's Queen Gorgo self-awareness. In short, a woman you die to save her God, Country and Family. Now as "my own barbarians" storm the gate crashing with all their might to pour in, ready to destroy me. I stand with my arms stretched toward Heaven and grin the smile of Kings before me. Am immortal in Gods Eyes. I have not yet begun to fight.

My heart raises this cup of tea to you Surfer Girl. Will always remember you're kisses with the greatest of fondness and happiness.

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