Tuesday, September 8, 2009

omg Have a small ab six pack

Wow am sweating like a machine in pic lol man.
Ok the "lets date every woman ever born" fever has finally passed. Now I look at the road ahead so fraught with hazards and obstacles as the easiest trek ever taken by a slug like me. I really don't owe that much, in fact I make a phone call and whatever debts or debts I owe are shattered instantly. I just like things the hard way always have..ROFL (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID ROFL) sorry I do that allot am working on it lmao man. Well for the first time in nine months am without a female by my side and its ok. My ego has finally been vanquished by its owner. I feel like the shadow in Peter Pan and I finally got caught by Wendy and sewed back on to Pan. I look at my mirror and see a new man. I look into my thoughts and I feel a different person behind those dark and clouded eyes. I touch my heart and finally can feel its beat. I no longer hate my fellow man, nor am I Saint. Spoke with My Cardinal, told him I was done with my Vows of Justice.

I just want to make some bucks and travel all over the world like I used too. Am 48 years old. I say being a hero and a Knight are best suited for the young. I have Fulfilled my Vows to Saint Peter far and beyond all that I was ever expected to do. Now its time for me to live and be of service to my fellow in a different way. This weekend I spend it at the shelter on 8th and main feeding the homeless. Next month am part of a group that's teaching the minutemen in San Diego a lesson in Civility the hard way. Yea even though I swear peace for all, some people you can fuck with and others you can't..I'm the can't. There isn't a son of a bitch born yet, that can hurt the innocent crossing the border and get away with it. I wouldn't be a fucking American if I let cowards get away with that. Aside from that and when that little trip is done. I can kick it. I need to make a few grand to take off to Spain this March. Also I wanted to go to El Salvador, the birthplace of my Sainted Mother to place flowers at her parents grave. Promise I made to God.

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