Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OMG 5 LBS Gained?

Ok Just gave back Durrango truck back to Vincent. No fucking way do I find 5 lbs GAIN as acceptable! I blame the freaking truck and my fat ass for eating when Jennette spent weekend at my place. I was there man, I was freaking there 155 lbs, now am back to 160lbs... many cuss words....Back to taking buses, walking and bypassing bus stops to walk even further, back to fucking 5 miles again YES!!!!! To tell ya the truth I really miss my walks. Girl I walked by this afternoon after I told Vinny to get truck at puesto, told me fat turns into muscle when you lift weekly. She was at gym as I walked by, asked her if she ever experienced mysterious weight gain. She was like yea all the time. Considering time we spent talking, I would have normally jumped on it and played the lets get you back to my APT. asap.

After yesterdays post and deeply considering what M wrote in comments. I thought at that moment, no man your going to walk away from this beauty, try to settle down, take stock of yourself and make some mature, grownup am 48 year old "roots". Would have worked too, except the honey in gym doorway said, "theres fun ways to work off a few annoying pounds". Hehehe right now shes in my bedroom fixing or gawd knows what to my weight sets. She said something bout controlling the weight on bars and not the other way around so I think that means I have to much weight on bars. The babe has muscles bigger than mine LOL!!! Almost scared to lower her panties in a bit ROFL!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I've been a good and decent man all my fucking life. Until further notice I intend to be a really naughty boy. Let the record reflect your honor that I have slept with over 20 women since October when I left my past life and those are the sweeties I remember. In April a girlfriend I had and really loved said I kinda sucked in bed. Heheh not anymore. If a sweet darling doesn't orgasm at least more than 10 times with me and I mean shake the fucking walls with screams, then something is wrong. Ok folks later. Lets find out how much this babe can "press". LMFAO!

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