Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ok I finally did it am 31 waist and 30 long. am so fucking happy will be posting pics today. straight leg jeans 514 series at Macys. Am shooting for a size 28 and then that's it. Everyday I workout on my weights and walk like a few miles, Do my best to eat right and treat people with respect and consideration. Tonight I have my last drink and the funny thing is I can do it too. Have a gift for leaving bad things cold turkey cigs, pot, being fat, whatever I want, I can walk away from it no matter how long I used it. kinda gonna miss it though, was fun getting drunk and no longer remembering the pain. Yet its run its course and I'm done with it now. I feel great and life is wonderful and sweet now. The Fog has lifted and I can see the Sun again. "T" Girl thank you and Baby I'll always remember you with nothing but respect an admiration You are a GREAT QUEEN! Have a great SAFE Holiday People!

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