Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ok here it is dudes

See I met this well really the term met is wrong. Yet she writes so deeply and little stuff she writes gets me here man. She thinks she has me down lol man if she knew me she would know she knows nothing bout dudes like me. Yet she so sweet all you can do is bow to her and want to make her every wish come true. Don't get me wrong shes not a airhead man, shes about the one of the most brilliant women you'll ever know and I would give up that she can call my moves before I can do, ,but no man see, I can feel as she breathes. I can tune into her big-time and she so fucking hot and smart. I want her and up to now theres never been anything or anybody I can't have if I focus and am way focused into her. Shes as beautiful as the day is long and shes mine. Goes back to drawing board like Wiley coyote lol. She doesn't get it how smart she is because if she was she would know how much I'm into her and gawd am man I'm quite the little mother fucker. Yet she super Gentle I can feel her presence and she believes in justice for all and liberty for those that make their stand for it. I salute you little lady you stun me with all the shit you write darling.

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