Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Yea... I'm kinda back :)

Forgot to post since last week Ive been driving a 2007 Dodge durrango truck with some huge ass engine? Way I got it was a car dealer or reseller found out regarding my puesto and its location and offered me a a car or truck to drive for free. All I have to do is put a for sale sign on vehicle when I park it and I get a cut of sale and well as driving the thing. Heheh way ahead of ya bud, I finished emailing real estate agents in Malibu and Zuma, asking if they need house-sitters, while estate is on market and in escrow. Ive decided that I wish to live at the beach, so I now will make it so. Figure I could rent a place there or just take over a house and gently nurse it as it goes to sale. Been looking at houseboats for sale at Marina Del Rey. Always in a way wanted to live on the ocean, who knows.

My trust in God is endless and he guides my every-footstep. Some guys are lucky in love and lotto's and shit. I lucked out on an extra dash of Gods Grace and protection. I could show you pictures of what my ex wife tried to do to me this weekend and you would yawn and say right!!!!!! photo shop huh? I don't die and ex forget that and why she fell in love with me for decades. She had forgotten who I was and I guess, I had forgotten too.

Since Friday Night, My way changed forever.

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