Monday, September 14, 2009

No Sad Face Man?

ROFL yea got a bunch of emails and tweets asking wtf,"why aint you sad man"? over court wins. Yea I always get sad when I beat the crap out of my ex-wife in court. Its not like a tweeter said that I'm still into her or something like that. I'll always have a special place in my soul for her. She was my soul-mate for many decades,but what tore my heart out forever was seeing my Son comfort his Mom because of me. Why no sadness then? On Friday Ben the Dancing Roman Prince dancing in video, called me and said, "no way you staying home tonight" and we chilled at skinnys.

I spent this weekend at my apt with a student (met her at Skinnys) of Theresa (shes the goddesses in video above with Ben). Never danced liked that before. We would dance for like a half an hour, break for 15 mins have a couple of martini's then it floor for longer sessions. Near the end of night we were gone and just were groping, stroking and petting each other as we danced,at times people would stop and circle us and clap as we made the air part like the red sea with our swing. I felt like I was Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers was in my arms again. We added a new dimension to the dance move "The Grind". The Song she danced to with me and what nails my soul to a wall, it was for me. "Battlefield" by Jordan Sparks.

Yea shes awfully young and it probably wont work out. See I posses great game and better dance moves. Yet even though I can land a boatload of Women, I just can't or perhaps don't want to keep them. My little Dancer just left after making us breakfast and I'm heading out too. The day looks different, serious and all but so fucking beautiful.


  1. isnt there a piece of you that questions why you choose not to keep one or what reason you would give one to keep you if you never allow yourself the oppurtunity to romance one long enough?

    i know many are lovers of love..but desirable, relentless and passionate love can never be found or fully lived in mere days..

    heres to finding a creature that will dance with u and u for her..for more than a night..

  2. What I have I not done in the name of my species madame? Is it not enough that i would rush into a burning building to save you, more that your a woman. Would I not fight the armies of hell for a true love, did I not raise a family to seek all it could in the name of all that is fair. Tell me sweetest woman to ever twitter, Melody thee is is from the rib of Adam. Do I not confide in thee as a woman as a opposite of my gender all that I ever could be or the most that I fear. Do I not look onto woman as the finest and best human that could ever counsel man on his endless journey for self discovery, always for the improvement and advancement of all. Tell Melodic Darling what more could I do to show that I as a Man, I too have the same right to taste and savor every woman that best suits my purpose to bring full purpose to the love I seek and wish to give so feverishly back. I miss a true love lying by my-side. Do I not bring with my bravery and willingness to die for any Woman that holds my heart the right to search and yearn?

  3. G we all have that right...but as much as you know me ..i know you..which is not at all but the words you write. I havent gone back to read all of your words or tweets but can say that in all I have read there has been far more tasting of fruit than there has been of feeding the roots that carry them. If you have a deep need to find and nuture life, family and love.. treat that journey as something delicate...because it is. Perhaps I misread you and you painted a colorful image for the sake of presenting something pleasing.. but not every woman desires to be romanced and released at the rise of the morning sun..maybe that is your sense of true love or the view of those you charm..but if you want something more rewarding I suggest allowing yourself to feel..and to be kept..and to keep..the only way you will see yourself grow and flourish is when ou are able to sit long enough to feel the soil beneathe your feet and feel yourslf become planted, firm, and strong like an oak..where something so beautiful is seen in one that is bold, never moving and least from the eyes of a woman like me..

  4. I pull out that spear so deeply laced with self awareness that you hurled, albeit well meant into my chest. I lay it gently,lovingly against the Wall of Truths and walk towards you M. As I hold you and gaze deeply into your eyes,two precious windows to a soul that are not constrained by the bottom of a depth. I now tell you this with the most sincerest of breaths. Loneliness, may it be a empty bed when you wake up, standing on the beach while the moonlight reminds you every second of what the horizon might bring soon. Eating at the most romantic places alone with just your thoughts, memories as a welcomed "Date". Take all of that mentioned,multiply it by Gods Calculator of sins and justices and it isn't even on the same barren plain of pain of a Broken Heart.

    Yes I've been tasting and enjoying as much fruit as my hunger could consume. One resonating pattern so deafening, Ive learned as I emerge from this 12 month cocoon of Hell.That every woman Ive been lucky to be with and call friend, was that in the purest sense of the word, a true friend. Men on the other make friends with other men on a variety of expectations and interests. Even though Men are from Mars and Women from Venus we're both from Planet Earth. There are some trees and plants that when nutrients in the earth that harbor their roots are gone. The roots will actually uproot themselves to search for fertile grounds. Some of course remain rootless and others find the right anchor of fertility to take root in.

    Your perception knows no bounds young lady and yes I'm rootless now. I seek fertile grounds and Destiny gently pushes me South for the answer's I seek.

  5. Ha! She can see right thru you!! All you are doing is trying to live a fanatasy that you have created in your mind. Half of this crap is all make believe and you don't even belive what you write. Your ex was NOT your soulmate. A true soul mate would not have betrayed you as she did! You are just trying hard to sound like a playboy but you are a sad middle aged man with a flabby body cuz you lost weight and all loose. It was not attractive.

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  7. lol Sandy had to remove last comment of mine as I went too deep into my past lol man. Hey Doll its all good ok? Your a Great Mom and you were probably the best and smartest girl friend I ever had, yea I blew it and you never forgive,well Doll maybe both our loss, but without a question mine to suffer for a long time. Take care and Happy Holidays.

  8. Hey ya know wat? When you have a gorgeous woman. I mean pretty as all hell, half your age into you and wat ur trying 2 do....shit man if that don't fess game, don't know wat will dawg. Lol man am 48 almost 50 years old Son. In fact there's parts of the 405 freeway and bridges in the great USA younger than me. Yet as I become self aware, I marvel at what I fucking know man. I know a lot I mean allot. So lets put it to practice and pay off small debts and move on to bigger and fuller obligations, in short lets create fucking jobs for all, make a hell of a buck. I know what I want in life and its to love and be loved by the prettiest and most sincerest Woman on this Earth. Am going to Italy in March with "T" Girl or without her..prefer to take her as hopelessly in love with her..fuck me I said, it fuck ya all.....KKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea Sandy I fell so fucking in love with you when I met you for the first time. Every date as been in vain for I can find no woman as beautiful and so magical as you baby. Sandy what do you want me from I can do darling come back to me baby please.

    My law firms are using me soon Ill be rich or least have all a family could need even 2 families. Sandy i NEVER HAVE Met such a woman as you please Sandy call ME come back to me, Your too much man and I can';t forget you as much as I try. No nobler and finer woman as existed than you. Jesus fucking Christ so I fucked up BUT I DID it with your best interest at heart baby,. I fucking know you know I would have died for you darling Please Sandy look at me baby look at my record look at my devotion for all that's good and holy in the name of God AL mighty. my vows end this year my Queen, no more will evil blood be shed in the name of Peter, please my lady take me back.


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