Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nice Calls Today

Since a couple weeks I just added my phone number on my profile. Figured If a lady in distress or just a babe wanting to talk to a friendly voice could call me. It was a great Idea! Have spoken to scores of honeys, most I don't remember, may have been a little too tipsy at he time. Others have shown up to my Puesto or Apt to my complete and embarrassing surprise. Yet the ones whose hearts rubbed with mine for the loving tightness for the togetherness of the night... did and all was good. It amazing how sweet and truly giving true women are. Past 2 month's haven't had a car,but each girl has come to my place from Santa Monica,calabash, Beverly hills furthermost was Newport Beach. Each one slept over, I cooked a Delicious breakfast for them at my little restaurant. Internally am changing allot toward women. I an feel so much affection and concern for them. Thank God take anything you want God from but not my heart I need to feel There' much to feel and understand. Each Woman is so radically different, what fucking trip.

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