Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Got Back..

Jesus man I just hosted 4 girls in back of Hollywood Bowl and we never so much as kissed, well we did when we left, but not in a sexual way. We kissed and said goodbye as Friends. A first for me.

Ok it started at Skinnys, a lounge I hang out on Tuesdays. Ben Morris teaches a swing dance class on Tuesdays. I like to go as I dance with 24-27 year olds. I ain't a dirty old man. Girls at that age dance like the wind. In fact its like dancing with a tornado in your arms. Basically swing dancers from all over LA come to skinnys on Tuesdays, so much that the whole dance floor is only for swing. In swing mostly the girls do all the work, we guys mostly strut,pose and hold those little hurricanes from taking the world apart. So I hangout with my little crowd of swing honeys, We are freinds, no sexy stuff just good dancing freinds. Never had just lady friends before. It rocks and besides they are just a few years older than my daughter so it would be impossible for me to "hook up" at least in my minds eye. Tonight as we danced, found out that couple of girls had dosed some shrooms and were tripping in the bathrooms. Took them and their friends to a fire trail in back of the Hollywood bowl. Its where I used to hangout as a teen and where I made love to my ex wife for the first time as deer grazed around us that night long ago. Mad memory rush happening as I write this.

The girls partied and did what young ladies do when they feel safe with a decent Man. I 'm that and like Melissa said, they call me Ricco cause they say I remind them of the penguin in Madagascar movie. I was like cause, I used to be fat? They laughed said no because I have that kinda of personality. I don't see it and I saw that movie with my Son and later with "T" Girl and her kids. The honeys on shrooms stripped and danced on the hill, wonder if people saw them off the 101 freeway lmao man. I just kicked it and watched over them. I felt like I was a a Dad again watching over the girls having a tea party lmao man. I also danced on hill, never did that before dance on grass and dirt. It was a fucking blast. The music was blaring and I was taking turns dancing with babes and some nudes ones at that. I really like to dance and doesn't take much to get me twirling, grabbing a babe and spinning like tops. When were done we split to bobs big boy for coffee and food for honeys. WOW GIRLS EAT MORE THAN GUYS K! I saw these slim sexy beauties down food that would have gagged a small Thailand family of 5 to death.

I have this weird habit I've picked up since divorce. If I eat at bobs with more than 3 girls Ill have a couple of the babes head off to a table full of jocks. As my girls talk to the smucks Ill order some stuff from waiter and causally tell waiter guys at tables over there will pick up check. Ill have my third girl whistle at guys and table and wave at them. They naturally wave back and waiter takes it as a sign that they are gonna pick up the tab. ROFL why I do this I have no clue but it makes bust up when I walk out with a group of babes to our cars.

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