Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just Dance

^_- Size does matter..when putting on Jeans. 38, 36, stop 28

Figure if God can forgive people for all Sins, I could forgive my own Tragedies . I did so last night. Today for the first time in my 48 year life. I danced in front of mirror not for a new honey of heartthrob that I was to meet or had made love to. I danced, cause today I looked at myself and felt love finally for me. I am a good man. I help all, I fear none, I raised good loving children and made them yearn for a higher education then I could ever have dreamt of. I have given up all that would be harmful even in small excess, I gave it up. I'm now standing and yea like any Man I face financial unknowns and untold futures,but Dear God Above and curse you Satan Below, I now embrace them as a strong Man. I no longer am alone, there's something like seven billion humans like me. Lets get this fucking Party started :)

Soon.. in Sevilla


  1. In just a few lines you can describe your life and all its glory. I am proud of you for reaching another goal. I hope that all the challenges you are it financial..that of the heart or your soul be full of light and lead you to the path you were meant to travel -Melody

  2. Melody thank you! Its been like you siad one hell of a trip man. I have danced with godesses and fought with devils and enemies of man. I have shined as best as I could other times Ive lost and yea my heart was shattered and nothing I could do to mend was ablt to help me. Yet Now I stand before you a new man born form the firm fire of love lost and longed ofr. I'm what I am and and yearn for a woman to wake with with.


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