Thursday, September 24, 2009

It went bad man.

I apologize for my post last night as well as my crappy tweets. Yesterday Jimmy's Mom passed away from a sudden heart attack and all suffering on my side family broke loose . I never have really liked Jimmy much, but still hes been as cool as he can with me 75% of the time and well that counts a lot for me. I felt his pain and it was a horrid one. So on the way home,walked in and picked up my little doughnut girl. I got drunk, haven't drank in weeks yet I felt it was time for a dam good tie one on and I did. Enough of a one that when Jenny called me I asked the doughnut girl lmao man I can't even remember her name let alone pronounce it, told her she had to leave.

She made a real sad face, but it didn't matter. I guess after my break up with a sweetheart from Hacienda Heights,well I swore I would never fall in love again. Been pretty true to that pledge. Well tell my heart that shit. Cause after I told Jenny that perhaps it wasn't working out, I ain't the kind of a guy you can call stupid for not picking you up cause something more important came up. When she called me that last week or week before actually. I immediately dropped her bubbly ass out of my life. Would have worked and stayed dropped too, except she called me everyday after that and spoke with me for a min of 3 hours daily, I didn't know that until I saw my cell usage bill. Am picking her up this Saturday and shes spending the weekend with me again.

Shes the best sex I've ever had man. I mean we can do it for hours, we take breaks to drink, eat and dance then we drift back to my bedroom. Shes so fucking young too. She giggles more than laughs and wow shes so pretty too. Shes texts me all this sweet stuff and always says the nicest things to me. Today for the first time since "T" Girl, I called Jenny I no longer call women for any reason. She answered like on second ring and didn't let me go for hours. She says I have so much interesting stuff to say and for an old bag bones of me like me, well you can imagine how I felt. I think I'm falling for the little pixie. Oh Hell shes has me picking her up at her work in downtown LA on sat morning and to tell ya the truth I couldn't be happier to spend the weekend with her. Its nice to be with a woman who thinks your so hot and sexy. I feel same about her..there I said it...LOL Rofl man we guys think we have our shit down and all that,but all it takes is a pretty girl and all the stuff they say and do to make us forget every heartache and pain.

Jenny I gave you my blogs address last month and not once have you ever said anything bad bout my online words or memories. I like you Jenny alot ok, I want you to know that and I dig your sexing me out and stuff. Baby its been the hardest most toughest year I've ever known. Guys should have my love luck as Ive met the nicest and most hottest women on this earth. Jenny I like your balls of steel, your not scared of me or the shit I do and for that my little werewolf and that alone you have my respect and affection. As far as my love? well darling your earning that every-time you chill in my bed and baby you rock my world there. Will I ever be able to ever tell you that I love you? I don't know baby, last time I told that to a girl I almost lost my mind.

Well, Sweetheart until Saturday, bring your collection of stuff and that "pink thong" Doll. I love the color Pink.

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