Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If you be a Guy, READ NOW!

Ok I really dont like discussing this but LMAO why the fuck not k. When I left my wife in October I was like omfg, will I ever be able to well ya know..fuck again...not make love..I wanted to have like they say "gorilla jungle sex". Kinda sex that neighbors knock on door asking wtf!!! LMAO man. So yea with first date after leaving a prior life, I had to get Cialais pills. I was just to fucking nervous to get wood...<--lays head on desk and sighs,asks why do you write this shit bro on the net FUCKING WHY!!!. Anyways, "yea am a river to my readers k". About a month ago I run into an old friend Bobby, hes at a bar at club I go to. He knows how long ex and I were married and right away starts laughing at my dating attempts and silly pills. Hands me a card says go to my website order the first batch of this shit for a month if it doesn't rock your world, cancel the next month with just a phone call or email, no hassles. I'm like hmm if you knew Bobby ya know he aint exactly the herbalife or amway kinda of a guy. Ok so I order the bloody things and WOW MAN!!!! Is this shit legal? Lets put it this way, I can almost fly ok.. Heres Bobby s link enjoy mother fucker and remember dawg you got it off my blog never forgot that man never forgot that. I changed your life for the better and I need all the help in Hell son.

Do exactly as it says take one in morning other at night. Exercise as normal and dude get like the Huge Ass Box of condoms at Costco aisle 28, cause man your going to rock your girls life for a long time. Now keep in mind I weigh 155 lbs and workout and confine myself to only one meal a day. So in other words if your a LARDASS it may take you, I guess two months? to be where I 'm at, also walk a couple miles a day. Helps a lot :)?

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