Sunday, September 20, 2009

I think I lost her.

Yea man. See the thing is I no longer talk allot on phone when gaming a honey. I used too until a girlfriend told me she didn't want to hear me babbling. So I stopped talking like that. Now Jenny(pic above), "was like baby you hardly talk on phone". Rofl she said only time I talk is when were in bed and then its all sex talk lmao man babes! You can never win huh. Next month is a year that I divorced my ex wife and wow man what a fucking year. I've dated almost every possible race and color.

Now I seek something else and I doubt I'll find it here in the USA. What I seek the love and ardor is in Italy, no American women posses what I want in a woman. Hell am sure American babes could have a few things to say about me too lmao. I just want a more submissive, gentle and bending woman than our California babes. What I loved about Jen the most was that when she would catch me dancing in my kitchen late at night. She would join me man and she would swing like the wind on such a small space. She would sing to me in Japanese as she would auto translate songs on radio. She was really sweet and I will miss her but I no longer argue or debate with women over issues regarding my life. Its my life and no one else's to be concerned with it.

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