Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey Younger Babes Rock

Its not all bout sex man!!!!!!!! Its about the heart and dinner bro. See now that Ive been divorced for a year well you can imagine what a cat like me has done in the name of love lost and love gained.
Even now as I type this crap I have a sweet Korean honey from doughnut shop lmao again in my bed. BTW you girls snore like guys ok thought I say that while I'm drunk. Girls always ask me if they snore I always lie and say no you purr like a kitten lmao they always always buy that crap. Hell why tell them they snore like bull sheep. I don't care man don't even care when they queef,if you don't know what that means than fuck off and come back when your older asshole, I just don't have the fucking patience today to learn ya son. BTW I no longer date women older than 25..

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