Friday, September 11, 2009

Heheh look at me now BITCH!

Well Dear Ex-Wife I don't hear you and your boyfriend the 59 year old laughing anymore, ROFL??????? Yesterday you sure as hell couldn't stop? When I saw you crying in front of the Judge today my heart turned into steel. When I saw my Son hugging you outside as you cried. I died and am crying as I write this. One day Son you'll read this and know that why I had to do to your mom my former wife and soul-mate of 27 years oh christ boy, this fucking hurts man. Why I had to get a restraining order against her. Son as you probably figuring out Moms having a bad time now. Yea man I was told her rebound would go bad and it has. She is now beginning to deal with what I had to go through and my Prince it hurts like you have no idea. Son we ain't in pain over losing each other as husband or wife.

We lost a family and a whole lifestyle My Future King. When I saw you walk by your moms side into courthouse and the way you winked and smiled at me. Fuck I wanted to scream to God. Thank you God, you helped me raise a real Man. Everything I do in business from this minute on my Son is for you and your Sister and of course for the new family I may privileged with in a future relationship with a Pretty Honey. Heheh you saw me boy today and I think you know how I am. I have another TRO on your Mom until November and then a hearing OSC to make it permanent like today. Personally I think the judge wants me to let her go and I think I may. Don't know boy really. It was horrible to strike against her in court today, boy women won't understand what am about to write but you do and every other man will get. We Males are like genetically made to protect women. Even as the Judge harshly berated her for her actions and asked why he shouldn't send her ass to jail for next days.

I bought the transcripts Son and have sent them to your grandmothers Law firm, along with all police reports filed on your Mom and her stupid attempt to have me killed. LOL Kid right now you thinking lmao dads about to say "see I told ya I don't die. Yet one day the Good Lord will say enough of this old fool and boom I'll be dead. When I die you'll get them for your safekeeping and reading. Notice how I interrupted the Judge with a stupid question and how he tore me a new one for interrupting, but kid let the record show I replied, "Judge I feel a pain in my chest can we take a break"?. My Son there was no Pain, but I had to save your Mom from herself.

My Prince I can not take full credit for this act. As it was your Mom that brought you contrary to Judges orders to court to be interviewed by the family mediator attorney. Knowing that even though you weren't supposed to be at courthouse, but knowing that you were, I would never let your Mom be led in front of you straight to jail. So all the planning and work I had done to destroy her as a former wife and now my deadliest enemy with a clean swipe from a Judges verdict, went out the door with me and the bailiffs asking me if I was ok in the Hallway. Remember my Son how I winked at you at that moment, now you know why.omfg son I'm crying to death here OMFG!!!!!!!! You looked like a young Simba today my King. I LOVE YOU BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been sparing this women jesus fucking christ for at least a year now. Read the transcripts page 5 The judge tells her to get over it and move on. Son the Police reports states that she is under investigation for attempted murder against me. Its ok my boy after all I'm the main witness and victim and well people make mistakes and cases get dropped. Remember that Boy I let her go yet another AGAIN. Look at me my Boy you saw me. Does it look like a couple of punks can take me Boy? You saw me today and your fucking know me little one. Today your Mom got the message its over, she can move on with her "boyfriend" the coward and just leave me alone.

As this time and date of this post I have no girlfriend my Son. Just me, thoughts, memories and future plans are my only friends. Well my Prince born to rule the world above and defender of the oppressed in the world below. I salute you for today, you made me the proudest man in the world, for I raised a naturally born knight to his first step in chivalry. I adore you my King you are everything I never was, your the imagination come alive of every stillborn hero. If I drink I would raise a glass to you my boy instead. Tonight I'm going to kick every fucking bastard that is up to no good and every time crack his face, I'll yell your name to him. Well KingBoy time for patrol hehe see ya soon. Always remember Son we Men were born to die and save others.

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