Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did I Cheat?

I was 39 and living in the hills before moved down into Burbank. I kinda used to flirt via chat messages in online game called rainbow 6 at Microsoft zone. Anyways Terri sent some cd with her doing sexual things for me and saying my name. We chatted here and there for few months on phone too. She has this incredible Tennessee accent, I was getting lost with her daily. She had a couple of kids and worked at an assisted care center. I felt I was cheating and one day she called and my daughter picked up the outside phone and heard everything. Woke next morning with later to be ex wife holding a knife to my neck telling me to leave now.

She wasn't angry so much over the phone call. I t was the fact that I heard when daughter pick- up phone so I had kept call short an as innocent as possible. What infuriated my wife at the time was after call. I went to Conroys flowers and sent a full ass bouquet to Terri Lynn with a note that said sorry but goodbye. Did love Terri never met her, but for the month we spent talking she did steal a little chunk of heart. Yet she was in Kentucky and I here in crappy California.

Before I leave in March will take a small detour and drop in on her with flowers,shake hands and just meet, lol am sure shes quite married by now, but I guess she was the first woman outside my marriage for the first time that I had feelings for.

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