Friday, September 25, 2009

Been a while Bloggers..

Last time I felt anything for a girl was around April. Am actually looking forward to being with Jenny this weekend? Hmm I don't know though, somethings different with me. Last girl I loved I let myself go with her, yea now looking back I was way too into her. Well you live and learn right. Will I do same mistakes with Jenny? doubt it. This morning I made sure. Called Jenny had a heart to heart convo and laid my cards on the table. I mean literally laid photos, letter and fucking bones on table. Figured she would bolt like "T" Girl did, and nope she took it and even asked if I needed help. I asked her a real important question at least for me. Asked her hey Doll why would you help a fuck like me out? She said, God choose you for a reason. I fell this much harder for her after that.

My Son one day you will read this blog, no doubt I'll be dead when you read this. Kid I loved your mom allot when I knew her but things changed and so did we. My Boy, My Prince I love you and your Sister more than anything. You and your sister saw what I have done and what I have become. Theres no point in lying to you or sugar coating anything. You have my blood in you my King. Let it guide you and never let the weak or oppressed be taken advantage of. Its my blood that flows through your veins my boy. Your immortal like me. Live your life my boy but always I mean always be fucking ready to rise to the occasion and take out those harm the weak. Its Gods gift to you, you must pay back this Holy Debt through your bravery and desire to serve Christ as his Holy Warrior. My Son I have known great and wondrous women. Even now I date women 20 years younger than me.

Live your life my Son never forget what I did to earn my place in Hell, its what men do, we were born to die and protect others that couldn't help themselves. Always my Liege step up to the plate and destroy those that see k to harm the children. Lol boy what did you think I would tell you as I leave this Earth one day? Be a good boy and brush your teeth? rofl man, I know you saw me in Rome fuck up that asshole. I did that on purpose so you could see how I fear no man especially a coward like the one I tossed in the Tiber and yea I saw your eyes fill with fear when you locked into mine and even though we pretended it never happened I saw how you liked the fucker screaming as I drowned the little fuck.

Live the dream kid and revel in Gods grace. We are his sword of Justice my boy. Accept it or be damned by it. Kid am dating a girl half my age right now LOl man am I hot or what? Live the dream kid live the life my Son and always remember how I raised, all those hours I spent making you the Jedi that one day you'll be my Son. Take care of your Sister "Luke" LOl my boy

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