Friday, August 7, 2009

Young Women = Fountain of Youth

Last night like around 12:30 am both bros were just lying in bed, dead and spent. "M" Girl and I looked at each other and died laughing. She had a condom wrapped around her ear and I had one tied on my big toe. Figured David and Vince didn't need the Viper as they were stone cold drunk and snoring. So I had "M' take pics of them in sexual positions of sorts, well as much as I could get them to be together. Its not like I really wanted to touch anything or look..cough.. gay..cough to M. LMAO! Vince sells cars and is looking for a BMW for me, 04 for like 2-3 k. He had a cool Jaguar 04 for 4k but I want a beemer. Nothing hugs a curve like a beem does.

Told "M" , "hey Doll, Martini here in the valley then onto skinnys for dance? or beach, we walk, talk and make love. Her nick name for me when I call her kid, Doll or dame is"Oldie" or "Old Man". Even though I laugh it off, it kinda galls me a little, lmao man don't know cause if its true or just because I dare let her say it. Her answer was yes to both places and ideas and then she looked at me as we hit 155mph on 405 south, she said with those fucking black eyes all slow like, promise me if we crash and die you'll rescue me from Hell. I was serious when I replied yes. She slammed her foot on my foot and the pedal melted under our death lust

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