Saturday, August 1, 2009


She bailed on date we had tonight. She called and was sorry. Hey no problem, she has four kids. It really didn't bother me at all. I was like hey," Baby lets go with the flow, lets be fluid about it all". I don't want to be a drag or a bore. After my hosted Foursome with Honey from Santa Monica. I just don't feel its cool to make drama with babes and all that. Am all about loving, chilling and best for all, especially for my Girls. Since Ex-Wife is all jacked up about TRO and Entry of Judgment on divorce, she won't let me see my Son this weekend. That sucks, we were going to surf at Zuma maybe little further. Think I'll walk tomorrow from Monica Pier to Gladstones via beach, don't feel like tickling waves without my mancub. I hangout at the beach allot now. NSA Sex everywhere on the beach, I can see it now. A smile, a tilt of a cig, a drink or two, couple of chuckles and her or my place. Who needs to know names?

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