Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Traded a 30 yr old in for a 20 yr old.

ROLF Man I have lost all concept of self dignity or respect for the conventions of my Nation. I am a just a alley cat looking and meowing all over the State. Today I basically told my little sweet 30 year old Japanese honey goodbye for a couple weeks. Am moving in like a Shark on a 20 year old hottie that works down the street. Sweet blond, same Grey eyes as surfer girl from a few weeks ago, colored eyes drive me nuts. Shes having dinner at my place tomorrow, Shake & Bake pork chops and wine. She has a huge 2 foot tattoo starting from her ankle of a massive cock squirting cum. She has lots of pierced thingies all over her face and ears, but shes fucking pretty. I mean drop dead beautiful. 48 MINUS 20 = Only 28 years older than her..whew.. didn't want to appear like a dirty old man or something like that. LMAO. I doubt Ill ever marry a woman over 30 now.

Young women have a such a open and free spirited view on the future and present. Older gals are like older men, all cynical and bitterly disappointed on how life turned out. Older women are more focused on landing on your ass instead of working with you to make something better. Its like they feel they already did that in their previous failed marriage and don't want a life partner, but rather a guy that can help them financially and stuff, which is all good and proper. Yet what a older woman fails to really take in to account is an an older man like ME is running out of time. Death looks over our (older men) shoulders with more of finger tapping impatience as opposed to the casual immortal laced yawn they look toward a younger man with.

Having said that, since most wise men my age realize that out best work was our kids and that truly you take nothing with you except your sins and Deeds when you die. Its all about having the best time with your life partner while you breath Gods air.

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