Monday, August 10, 2009

Today I destroyed a Woman.

Past nine months I'VE DONE everything I could to spare my ex wife from this day. Many things this year haven't come off as planned like from "T' Girls loan thing and other stuff that normally would have been resolved with a phone call. Today I sadly woke, fully realizing that today. I pull the plug, turned off the switch, or yanked the power cord right out of the wall on a 30 year marriage.

"M" Girl has been a little miffed that I haven't let her sleep over. Heck yea I lie to her about it after all, learned the hard way you don't keep a girl by your side with truths, only lies man. Save the "oh wow your bitter bro crap". I know Women allot better now. I fucking should, my Rib was used to make her being says, GOD. Only TWO Questions a real Woman and a Mother need to hear from her Man answered TRUTHFULLY!. #1 Do you love her? #2 Would you save the family in a life threatening crisis. The SECOND Question isn't even a choice on a cruise ship safety drill. Its always WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST.

That's all a Woman ever really needs to know and base her life as your girl. If she asks if she looks fat in that dress? LIE! say of course not. Never ever tell her a deep dark moment from your life, oh yea she'll cry and act all understanding, but that nuclear tipped missile will come back directed one night after a nasty inter couple fight, right at your stupid ass, hence ground zero.

In other words, love is not the absence of truth, but a shrouding of unjustified pain.
The Temporary Restraining Orders against her are to remain in effect. Yet there is is even more,but if she acts lawfully in the interest of my Son, all will pass and fade into the unpleasant past.

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