Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is f--ing exactly wat I was looking 4.

Up Date I say goodbye to my stable for this one, she rocks my world.
She sent me this few minutes ago.

"I'm on my way home now. Will call ASAP"


Lots of women think that guys think with thier dicks...LIES!!!!!!!! I have a 20, 29,and a 42 year old texting me all day asking if were hanging out this weekend, Well I want the woman below, shes older than me and gawddam I think shes all that and fucking more. So see, it wasn't bout a younger tighter girl. Its really bout what you feel and what she brings out in you. "M" Girl is hunting me down and winning. You know when you've been married for a lifetime like I've been. Its easy to assume you would want relationship freedom and never fall in love or be bound by a woman's kiss ever again. Alas in my case it went the other way. Past months have sent this pretty little lady an email here and there. She answered me like a month ago and what she wrote sent me up the wall with possibilities. Shes likes 3 years older than me and frankly I could care less if she was 10 years older.

Shes a fucking fox and she playing with my mind deftly and so dangerously. After just one convo on phone we're moving at light speed in to each others arms by this weekend. Shes a writer by trade and dam shes kinda well known LOL!!!!! Hey I 'm known too people!!, lmao but only on the 18th level of Hell rofl! I really like her and Please God let her be the One. This life of loneliness sucks ass and I need to have a hottie by my side in order to function or maybe not....
Her email below today.


I drove all over Lankershim Blvd. today looking for your restaurant before I had to go to work because of course, my DSL is down at home since I didn't actually write down the ADDRESS since I viewed your email, I figured all I'd have to do was look for Saticoy Street, drop in, grab you by the collar and plant a big KISS on you. And, if you weren't there, I'd leave a message that I had stopped by.

But I did get a "fortune" today. It said, "If you dream it -- it will happen."

Will call you tonight.


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