Wednesday, August 19, 2009

St. Peter is pissed at me..again..Bah!

Well Boys and Girls seems I got the Pope and his peeps all pissed at my refusal to take my place among the bravest and noblest of Men. Heheh maybe your Holiness I ain't one the bravest or noblest of men, you ever think about that Pete! Maybe I 'm just a fucking common slug like every other poor fucker out there. I think that ending a 30 year marriage, starting over, losing "T" Girl and taking the place of another in Hell for Eternity entitles me to a little "ME" time k? Count them Pedro count them Sir. Have I not sent many back to the land of sins and despair. Did I not do what you ever asked me. Even when you said I could blog of my lifes work for you, I didn't name names or even upload pics that would harm our Order.

Let me be Peter, let me find love for this Loveless life is Hell on Earth and its not goddamn fair I start my Eternity now while alive. No Holy Father God sets the pace that I work at not you sir. I will not be pushed or ordered to do what is against my way or time. I do not refuse your wishes Peter nor do I disobey, I ask you Holy Father to let me heal and mend my wounded heart, the pain is unbearable and I need time to seek my own solace and comfort. I lost my kids as I knew them last year through this divorce, Sir and nothing of this Earth or beyond offers any substitute, so let me fucking be, let me be.

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