Monday, August 31, 2009

She called me a Man Ho?

Wow! Anyways was nice to hear "T" Girl giggle for a change, but calling me a "Man Ho" was a bit over the top. She said I looked desperate with that blog post and the truth is life is what you make it to be. Pic of hottie above, who has called me and dropped by my restaurant today to check out if I was real or what. We kinda hit it off really nice. Way I see it "T" Girl knows where I live and how to reach me if she really wants me. The fucking thing is I have a deep heart for "T" Girl, but wow man she can be so mean at times that it brings out the worst in me, when really I should let it slide. Yet since she left me I've not known a shred of happiness or personal joy. Have I scored women? OH Yeah at times way too many. Its been a ball for my torn ego and if I was in my 20's I would growl at my "lion king ness". Am 48 looking for partner not a notch on the tree. So yea I think of "T" Girl daily, but I'll never be like her ex husband with forlorn eyes looking at her like a sad puppy. I don't do pity or chase after girls that left me. My Problem is I am a total soulless asshole. Is it pride or manly stubborn crap who knows but its who I am. Right now in this place in my life I no longer want to argue with a lady. I just want to love and be loved and Sandy doesn't get that.

I leave soon and I really don't think Ill be back for awhile I have nothing here to hold me anymore. Kids are grown and way they have treated me fuck em they can stay with their mom. Life is to short to worry about what could have been. I gave Sandy every fiber of my being, but it wasn't enough all she is now is about anger and revenge. Yea I know i messed up bad but I have begged her forgiveness and she wont let it go man. I dont need bitter crap thrown at me daily. Called Bob today and told him to set me up with a good life. I no longer want to ever have to leave Malibu for any reason. Getting ticket ready, why even bother taking some Honey from USA with me. I'll go find my own Sophia Loren and live my life alone with her. All I ever wanted in life was to dance with the prettiest girl in the world<--- (SANDY).
Was that so fucking impossible?


  1. I called you a man whore!!!! a male whore! You fuck everything up.

  2. Sandy I miss ya kid, laterz Baby sorry we couldn't this time maybe next lifetime eh? :)

  3. Hey ya know wat? When you have a gorgeous woman. I mean pretty as all hell, half your age into you and wat ur trying 2 do....shit man if that don't fess game, don't know wat will dawg. Lol man am 48 almost 50 years old Son. In fact there's parts of the 405 freeway and bridges in the great USA younger than me. Yet as I become self aware, I marvel at what I fucking know man. I know a lot I mean allot. So lets put it to practice and pay off small debts and move on to bigger and fuller obligations, in short lets create fucking jobs for all, make a hell of a buck. I know what I want in life and its to love and be loved by the prettiest and most sincerest Woman on this Earth. Am going to Italy in March with "T" Girl or without her..prefer to take her as hopelessly in love with her..fuck me I said, it fuck ya all.....KKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea Sandy I fell so fucking in love with you when I met you for the first time. Every date as been in vain for I can find no woman as beautiful and so magical as you baby. Sandy what do you want me from I can do darling come back to me baby please.

    My law firms are using me soon Ill be rich or least have all a family could need even 2 families. Sandy i NEVER HAVE Met such a woman as you please Sandy call ME come back to me, Your too much man and I can';t forget you as much as I try. No nobler and finer woman as existed than you. Jesus fucking Christ so I fucked up BUT I DID it with your best interest at heart baby,. I fucking know you know I would have died for you darling Please Sandy look at me baby look at my record look at my devotion for all that's good and holy in the name of God AL mighty. my vows end this year my Queen, no more will evil blood be shed in the name of Peter, please my lady take me back.


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