Friday, August 14, 2009

Rabbi came over Twice

Lol man, Once is an earful, twice, well its almost comical. Must have been like 6am today when Old Man Greenie was knocking door with the three rap cadence. Its always a soft knock, but never fails to get me flying out of bed to answer clothed or not. He looked mad, really mad. We talked and whats going on, is some assholes kids from the hills are riding around on Temple night squirting kids, especially little girls with pigs blood, beef and urine. He had the lic plates pics and even names, addresses of the punks. I was like, "hey Padre call your vaunted police have them apprehend and process these Nazi's." He pushed up his bi-focals and whispered ,"old friend who murdered you're Christ". That always flips the fuck out of me when he tells me that. After he calmed me down lmao the old bloody holy man always nails my ass with that one. I take the case upon my soul, why not? you only burn in eternity once. Tonight I 'm heading to set some punks on fire on top of a hill. Some folks from 101 freeway will see them burning on a top of that hill somewhere, but always no ones ever cares to watch when evil dies.

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