Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nada man simply Nada II

Not a dame thing happened last night and dude we roamed far and wide, from woodlands down to sunset beach. I choose old tunjunga road back and forth from beach. Mostly gay kids making out and some old hippies doing smack in some large tree houses.... basically none of my business crap.
Headed home and started right into this thing I had though about on way home. When I got I started doing this thing I piked up from a James mirchner book "Chesapeake" basically you contort you hands and body around the product your to manufacture. In my case I have no product so I ended up contorting to the point your on the floor lmao. Yet because of that mental "do it, build it, contortion. I did something cool in my litigation support service and show do good things very soon :)

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