Thursday, August 6, 2009

My life is like a f---ing movie man.

Today am thinking ok have to do this and that to get more biz and chit. Phone rings and its my little "I like threesomes Japanese Honey". I was wondering when she would talk to me instead of texting me. She wants to party with three of us again, but at her place. Told her my other buds are doing some other stuff, but I have couple buds, would love to have fun. Shes into it at her place. Some happy hour at Patrick's roadhouse then on to her place. Why the hassle? cause she's 28 man saw her DL when she was showering. Am 48 and Bro 28 is fucking 28 no substitutes no surgery can make up for it. Hell Woman that chose cesareans instead of vaginal delivery are the best to make love to. You actually get friction burn as a guy when you make love to a woman that had kids via ceasearian,but 28 is fucking sloshy wet slurpee 28 and well its a "Guy Thang". At least for me :)

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