Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Game is Better.

Few things can rip your mans heart like a comment from a loved one, more when she said it without meaning or vengeance. Am really careful now bout calling a girl once if even at all. She wants to call me she sure as can and if I'm busy and can't answer, be assured I will call her back ASAP in mins. Never will a woman accuse me of "Babbling" when talking to her. Heheh"M" told me I was like the "Host" of a swing club..lmao man I'm clueless what that means, but it sounds so sexy in charge lmao. She fessed up but I already knew the truth shes 29. Hmm, I'll deal with it the best way I can. Am 48 making love with a 29 year old Asian Babe and doing stuff you see only in a porn movies and a dam good ones too. As a guy, am I proud? LOL...FUCK YEA!!!!!! Dude am just a policy change away from being branded a senior citizen by some governmental agency..yea so really fucking yea I am goddamn proud, to have a foxy 29 year old Japanese honey in to me? yea man.

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