Sunday, August 9, 2009

I woke up early.

Getting ready for walk. Installing a bar this week in doorway to build tummy washboard. I wage financial, legal and moral war on issues this week and well as on my heart and family dynamics. Some issues will be put to rest others temporally buried. I like my new friend with benefits. Shes very pretty, fun, loves to dance and can party up with the best of them. She drove me to some hot bar at Balboa Island. I was already cooked when we got there but dam it was fun, first some pie at BJ'S then onto across street to some madly cool surfer bar. Spent 30 Min's there and we went off to some really "friendly" party down the street.

All the time am being led by her sweet tinny head to these locations. It was like a tourist in a new sexy land. Where my age of my perception didn't matter. It was all about people starting the journey into sexual awareness by putting a foot forward. I understand more now life really is all about sex. If once all the Roads led back to Rome. All Human feelings,validations. the source of beings and all those tips of deepest,darkest human feelings encased in gigantic submerged created icebergs lead back to SEX.

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