Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Wave at my Past.

I see a great memory of my past slowly float bye. I kiss it goodbye and wish her the best. She truly makes people around her very happy. I raise my Glass to you "T" Girl, for I'm a better guy for meeting you. Now my circle is complete. I am where I started off Months ago. Except this time I am one different mother fucker. I was able to keep my value system intact, in spite of temptations and life's demands. Yea I gave up my ride, but it was for a good reason and Yea Old Man "B" is pissed on why I gave up ride. Yet the "ride" was old and besides the one I rode for awhile after was madly better. Am going for 500-700 series on BMW'S from now on. Yet like I told my old and last friend left from another life. "Dude I'm heading to Italy in October", the same month I left my house last year. I have nothing left here anymore. No reason to wrap my ass around some huge bmw payment. Rather spend that hassle in Rome. Will blog like a fucking fiend. I promise you guys that, since I will be literally hell to trace.

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