Friday, August 21, 2009

I love my Mom.

You know for past 27 years I pretty much left my parents and maybe saw them couple times a year or so. After Divorce wow man My Mom became my best friend. She now knows stuff bout me that my own ex wife doesn't know. So other day keep in mind shes Hispanic, so she asks," what are your doing Son? Tweeties?" Rofl man I died, she doesn't know what twitter is, but I guess she heard me talking about it so she said, Tweeties lmao man. Right now am seeing 5 girls regularly, ranging from 20 to 53 years old. Once I was on Cialis straight for a week. Talking bout a erection for 8 days k? Today My mom came to the restaurant and saw me sitting in corner just looking at back room. She asked whats wrong,. I said, "Mom I'm so still in love with Sandy". She said then go tell her. I was like no way Mom I blew it really badly with her besides she told me stuff that hurt me too. So Mom said then stop living in the Past! Learn to let go. It was like a cold bucket of water on me.

I mean these fine honeys am seeing, each is a trophy in her own right. Today after work I spent time with my 20 year old (Samantha). We had a quick bite and made out at her work lmao in a closet..geesh. I was going to let her go today until not only my mom mentioned bout my tendency to cling to the past, but also today when Sammy was talking in front of her coworkers bout making a dip for my chips at my place next week, she prefaced her comments with, That it had been me that had asked her to help make a dip at my "place". Her friend "Pepsi" said, "Honey can you not see hes like the wolf and your little red riding hood baby, hes going to eat you." She giggles and looked right at me and said, "whose hunting whom"? Room laughed and I walked over and kissed her. We left conference room and made out like kids in a closet down the hall, lmao man too funny.

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