Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi wanna go 2 Italy?

My email to travel totally for free is :

Hi if your a sweet Lady Fox in your early 30's to 40 max. Hit me up with your stats. Me: hmm have been told am not handsome, but rather sure my Mom would disagree ROLF!! Too each his own though. Am 5'9 155 lbs (target weight 140) Am a fun guy and I know Italy like the back of my hand. Trip would be for two weeks starting in Rome, your choice if we take a slow train up the Italian peninsula to France or just chill in Rome, Florence,Venice and 2 days in Madrid am fighting a bull there..San Diego bullfighters, said I was too crazy and best I did this shit in Spain..

Your stats Darling are everything!!
. I'll be perfectly frank as this is my new way now. You be goddamn beautiful, NOT A FUCKING LATINA CHICK OK? Sorry have had the worst experiences with Latina Broads and I want nothing to do with them. Be Blondie a natural one please or a natural redhead. Be built like a fucking goddess cause were going to burn up Italy with our lovemaking. Have blue or some color in your eyes. You'll need a dazzling smile and figure as you will be meeting the Pope and the The President of Italy. Be ready to get dressed by me at versache, Chanel, LV, Gucci, Christian Dior, Fendi, Prada, Coach, Balenciag Salons. There will be nightly dancing at the best clubs. If your into Roman orgies let me ,if not its cool, can just be you and me humping like little bunnies. Now if your extra sexy Baby Ill throw in a cruise around the Met. I love Naples in September, although I always summered in Rome and Capri never did Italy so close in the Fall or Autumn I think I can try it..

Am 48 Man, yea old I guess, but I make love like I'm 45 though ROFL! Also a sweet friend with benefits shes been hanging with from Japan and told me girls prefer men shaved down there. So I got myself shaved clean LOL am down south almost 7 inches, cut if you need to know. If you have tried the rest now the try the best. Ain't interested in babes with kids. Don't even call me if you have kids. This trip is about us, Adults having a fucking great time. Ill show you shit that Jesus Christ himself saw and survived it. Up to you darling, Please don't be some boring sex beauty. I want an exciting woman that sets the world on fire, to hangout with me. Want to run with me baby? wanna see the world the right way, the fun way? take my paw baby and be a real hardcore bitch. Email me your pics and call me the sound of your voice a sweet sexy voice gets you to Italy.

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