Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crazy Girls!!!

Rofl I should take a pic of everybody passed out in bed, lmao so tired. Wow Lucinda has D's thong in her mouth, ok taking pics, fuck this. Somebody shaved me and Lucinda carved her name on my back with her nails, that shit hurts!!. Crazy bitches, goddamn Efrain and his Kush crap. Mines 22 Effies is 20 hehe. Mines all into me blogging this shit and shes hitting her facebook after this with pic of all four of us in bed this morning lmao man. What a wonder it is to be free like this, but more importantly, meet kids that love sex with fun, smiles attached instead of drama and stuff. Omg is this how its going to be a while?

Lucy told me that in a few years I'll be what girls her age call "trolls"...ewww man that sounds fucking sad and lonely. I better hook up perma like soon with a hottee more my age. Yet for now considering I haven't even left for Italy its all good. I think am pretty 100% sure am bringing back an Italian honey back from Rome on a Visa. If shes a good girl and loves me I'll marry her make her a citizen, fuck why not man. I know "T' Girl is lost forever now and even though I miss her like gangbusters its time to move on.

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