Saturday, July 25, 2009

Took EFEREIN for a ride lmao

Took EFEREIN my neighbor for for a ride through Hell itself, lmao. We went to mango tango in no ho, bad area of no ho. How do you know when as a man you look Fuckable and hot? When babes ask you too dance as you lean on a wall tucked away far from dance floor. I had just finished fighting with my people big time and I was so fucking sad about it. Last thing I wanted was to dance or chase after girls half my age. Yet I owe my neighbor man, hes a good dude and has been there when I needed a woman's warmth in bed. He helped me score them at dance clubs. Hell my bro has introed me to most of the clubs I hunt at. So as I danced and went through motions I was like fuck man is this it? Must have kicked it on floor for 3 hours or until 2 am. I kinda liked it being asked by woman to dance. Takes the embarrassment of being turned down while clubbing.

I never said no to any babe no matter how she looked or how she didn't look. Many where pretty nice and my boys would yell at me on floor wtf man??,? Take her?????? I didn't. I think I reached the end of the fuck anything that looks hot and squishy road man. Kissing "K" Girl made me want something stable and permanent. I like them blond and older than me I think. LMAO man am so fucking lost. So I take Efrain and Edgar we me, after all am in a loaner BMW, so I said bitches before we got to club I googled some child molesters, now its your turn to play in my world. They freaked at 160mph on freeway. It didn't matter, after all I don't die. ROFL don't know bout them though lmao!!!!!!!

Well I was kinda wasted on hash pulled up to some fuck in Beverly hills, hes been getting away with fucking little 10 year old's cause hes got a great lawyer. His lawyer wasn't there tonight at his place. Its ok he was the next stop and Efrain had a ball with him. I think it was the I'm a mechanic from Mexico and your a lawyer in Bel Air thang ROFL!!!!!! We used Edgard s hand welder to burn this fucks sack off lmao He screamed so loud or sounded like he did. My boys thought. I was mad cool as I ripped the little fucks heart out all the while it was still beating. Like I told my crew it takes skill and a deft hand to know when to rip it out from chest. We googled it from the poor dead bitch's pc and yea if you cut the..aww fuck it do you really need to know this LMAO!!!!

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