Friday, July 31, 2009

Shes a size 14?

Well considering when I left my marriage 9 months ago I was a size Jaba the Hut, am now 170lbs waist 32 :). I have no problem with her size 14. That photo above is, from some babe I found on google images under the search term size 14. Very Hot and sexy if you ask me heheh. As I emerge from this post divorce cocoon its like being birthed at warp speed. Its very much like you open your eyes, wham you now understand and adjust your course. The girl I've been talking with for a few hours a night past 3 days has been pretty awesome.

That's what I mean by warp speed. Now as an American I arrive back to where I started when I was born, in other words the endless love affair with America begins again. What Nation we own, what a crumb of dirt that God made holy in 1776. This girl I've been flirting and having one hell of a great time is like every other woman I've dated 100% American, except I have never been with a Woman that has seen almost every National Monument of the these United States. I love to travel and to hear what America looks like from her lips well makes me feel, heheh proud and cool.

She has 4 kid lol man FOUR! youngest being 6 year old sweet daughter. Why, why do I always find hardcore Moms? I can't help myself, they are so real and sweetly blunt. She went backpacking through Europe couple years ago and that's when I think I became interested in her. That takes some serious balls not to mention mad people skills especially for a single hottie.
I look forward to meeting her.

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