Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Call ME SANDY 323 -540-2803 Ive been in love with you since I first saw you. You are without the question the most beautiful girl Ive ever met. Your eyes told me stories. I know you can feel my heart dying to become one with yours. Ive been all over the world baby and wow when it comes down to you no women exists like you. Take my hand Sandy. I pledged my love and devotion to God in front of you baby! No women on this Earth makes me feel like you do Sandy. I truly without question love you.


  1. You are so self consumed. all you have ever done is put Your needs first. You had suspiscions and you spied on me because You needed to be kisses were not enough. You had me followed and everything else you did even after all your people saw your car at my place soaw me with you and heard my calls to you. It was always about you. All you will do for me and places you want to take me, show me off at the mall and take me on a cruise or to Italy. All your plans and dreams designed to feed your ego. Did you ever once ask yourself "what dream of Sandy's can I make come true?" NO! We ate ate Sparks and Smokehouse - your dream. We walked on the beach at Gladstone's and kissed.. your dream. I had such a bad cold all those days - that whole week. then you show up and don't let me rest and ask me to drive! You slefish bastard. You stole my dreams of what might have been and hung yourself in the process. You took away my happy ending with you and you wonder why I won't go back to you. Look back at what you have written and all the ways I tried to reassure you until that was all was doing... was catering to you yet all you write is you felt like you were always in trouble with me. I was exhausted and feed of of trying to show you in every way possible that I truly did love you until that love faded and became a chore and not a fantasy. It was work and I resented you for it. Keep you blog and all the reasons why you need it. That too was for your own selfish needs and not what I wanted. You wanted the world to read about us... when I was willing to see the world and privately write the history of US in our own private diaries and pictures and accounts of our travel. I would rather stay home alone than see Rome with you. I linger with you and you love me because I saw the real you and loved you as is. That is the greatest treasure anyone can find. You had it in the palm of your hand and you questioned it and disected it until there was nothing left of it but to sit back and reflect on athe shattered pieces and see that you truly had something special but so destroyed it can't be put back together. You are now just a sad lonely humptey dumpty ... for the world to know you are broken and can't be fixed. You threw your self off that wall. Not me. I won't let you take me down with you. I WILL LOVE AGAIN... because I know how to trust blindly, love unconditionally and give whole heartedly. GOODBYE

  2. Sandy your right Darling and yea am very sorry. Guess I didn't really didn't count on the blow back from burying a 30 year marriage to be so devastating. You were the best Girlfriend a guy could ask for and I truly wish you the best. Will always miss and love you sweet girl.
    Ciao Sandy

  3. I told you, you were not yet ready to be serious. You ar not ready to be involved with anyone until you can let go of your ex and me and all you suspicions about women in general, and learn to trust people at face value. You kept searching for something more to it with me. Some catch or way I was going to hurt you and it came true by your own self fullfilling prphecy. I did hurt you but by leaving you. It wasn't by my own actions. I am sorry. I wish the best for you .


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