Sunday, July 26, 2009


Need to preface this post with Efrain's comments. He was quite stern this morning when he saw me drop off girl I had over this Morning for some NSA SEX. He was like wtf ,"007 why you doing this crazy shit man"? Hehehe like I told him this 007 has taken a break and is being a bad, bad boy for awhile. I take no prisoners and I leave no heart behind swollen with love for me. Fuck em and feed em is my motto for now. Sure I lose maybe on a love of a lifetime, but I been there and done that for 30 years and no longer believe any woman when it comes to "love". I have stood at the edge of eternal love and been driven back by the reality that it doesn't exist, all men and women fucking lie. Why? lmao man you tell me why.

I all I know is God himself has bestowed on me a gift to brings his justice to those that seek to escape it hiding behind Satan's wings. Nay bitch nothing hides from me, nothing can escape me when I hunt for it. That's why God has granted me immortality and I no longer fear death or any man. I am here if you want to test my theory? Your evil asshole want a chance at me?? ROFL call me asshole and I'll bury you where you stand, HEY COWARD heres my number, bitch call me. 323-540-2803 hehe lets get this party started lmao~~~~~~~~~

OK an hour ago I get a call from Mawi beautiful girl I met surfing months ago, Manny's daughter.
She was like hey Mr. Tuffy, hehe that's what she calls me lmao man. She called and asked what I was up to, told her hey Doll am in Malibu lets play. I was actually a little drunk at Gladstones trying to pick up a sweet underage blond lol at least underage by my standards lmao. Told her my Friends Efrain and Edgar where with me and if she wanted to hang out with us. She was like hmm sexy ok. I tripped never tripled a gal before but who knows maybe am racing ahead of myself,but it pays to be always ready.

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