Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ok this Madly Rocks.

When I make love to woman, I feel all Tiger like right after. Most guys must feel something. I remember years ago when I was married and you would wave at other guys smoking cigs on cruise ship balconies, all with our "just got some" grins. This week I have never had such wild and uninhibited sex. She doesn't care where or what time or who even the fuck is watching. She says I have nice muscly arms lol! Yesterday I let her watch me surf the coast. Waves were dead, but I just wanted to show a woman that just had given herself to me so freely hours before on bluff overlooking surfer point, what I was into. Ever since "T" Girl, I've been with the most beautiful women I've ever known. They all have danced, dined and intertwined with moon beams as we walked on the sand. I have done nothing, but always be the most considerate, attentive and gallant date and later Friend as possible.

Yet I feel no love or unbridled passion as I did for "T" Girl. Each girl has been a gem and wow man total grins and mad good times. Its just that when I drove on the 60 Pomona freeway to "T" Girls place, I would feel so intense and proud that a woman like T was waiting for me with kids at her cozy home. I do not consider a date a waste of time or at least I sure hope not, I'll do my best for us to have a good time. I no longer date long distance. No further than 5 miles from my place or no date. Yet for a certain babe in San Diego, lol yea I would travel it happily lmao man..dudes and what they do.

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