Friday, July 10, 2009

My 800th Follower

My 800th Twitter Follower is below :)

Life is so fucking weird man. Last night my "EX-WIFE" called crying and left a voice mail hysterically stating that she was sorry and wanted to get back together. Lol man maybe three hours after I left my house 9 months ago, it might have worked. Now its too late, way too late. I no longer belong to my past and look only toward the future. I fell really hard for "T" Girl. I mean hard, even now I still think about her alot. Sure theres been other women in my life lmao, "life" ya all 8 months ago. Jamician, Hungarian, Americans, Latins, even a little tight Japanese honey. Hell yea have been carefull and all the girls I've been with sexually, except for little Japanese babe have been great moms, careful and discrete women.

Have been taking it easy and ex wife even said I could do all the crap from Rome and she would even help me?..LMAO Man like I said 3 hours ago after I left house 9 months ago..maybe. Now? LOL no thanks babe. We had a great 27 years and well that's all she wrote. Yet the problem? LMAO its a huge problem for a werewolf like me man. I CA NOT BE FUCKING ALONE!!!! LMAO man roger that. Am so used to having and being surrounded by a family for 30 years I find that I go nuts alone. There's been times I've kept my target alive for days just so I could talk to him as he died slowly. Just so I wouldn't be lonely. Kinda sick yea I know, but loneliness is my worst and most hated enemy. Right now the girl am involved with is crazy beautfuill man. Kinda babe you lucky to even know let alone date. Yea guys seize up when she packs for bear and I get all mushy inside when we dance and stuff

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