Monday, July 6, 2009

The Mall Test!

Before "T" Girl I hadn't been to a mall like the Glendale galleria close to 20 some odd years. Didn't go much when I was newly married and later as decades raced by, I just sent my people to get me whatever I needed. When I took "T" Girl a few months back to Glendale galleria, not only was it to take her to some jewelry shops, mostly the Hawaiian one forgot name, but its the one you always see on the travel books on a cruise ship. My real reason for Mall trip was to show off "T" Girl yea shameful, but true.

A guy like me really never gets to or rather in my defense ever tries to date beautiful women. "T" Girl was BEAUTIFUL! so yea I had to do what dicks like me do. SHOW HER OFF TO THE WORLD LOL MAN!!!! Wow man I remember strolling with "T" right into Victoria's secret and "T" giggling that I was like a little kid in a candy store lmao so fucking true. Anita is 5'10 long mouth watering legs, eyes as deep as the pacific ocean and man she can talk so husky and lightly all at the same time. Shes been 15 years unmarried, when I asked her why so long she said it was cause of me.

The deal is Anita is an old family friend of my parents and hers. We kinda of knew of each other and had seen each other a few times as teens hanging with others. Yet we went both our ways, until we met again. I was now married my wife and I hired Anita for many tasks, including being of service in some real tough cases. She became my personal secretary for a few years and never was a flirt passed between us of any kind. So when I got divorced, my ex wife asked if I wanted to date Anita? I was like sure why not ? LMAO. It had occurred to me perhaps my ex wife and Anita had an affair and now, I guess passing the torch. Yet I just had figured out that "T" girl and I were finished so I thought why not.

I love showing Anita off all the time, she is so sweet and considerate. Tonight as we drank wine at pier. I asked her what she meant that she hadn't married cause of me. I figured she say it was cause she was in love or had been with me or to that effect. She said that she knew our marriage was dying a long time ago and that she knew that I would need her badly.She added that the months turned into years and dropped a little bomb. She said it with such a sadness that honestly. I don't know if I should just say fuck it and just settle, take her or say no Darling it won't work. She whispered while lying facing me that she had heard me say many times the real name of "T" Girl in my sleep and call Anita "T" Girls name instead of her own. I didn't even try to act surprised or shocked. I knew it was true at least the wrong name issue.

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