Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love can reach deep man.

UPDATE: Ok reason I wrote this is the main reason I forgot to post. CRAIGSLIST FOR GUYS WANTING NSA SEX K!!! I have found already 3 babes that will do nasty wonderful things to your know what for free, but more importantly for fun!! I thought omg I have sunken to new lows, until I met a couple of them and wow. Am talking fine as fuck!! and they are great at breakfast. Have a date with one on Monday night at her place!! It was painless to meet her and subsequent babes, simple pics, stats and number. They use condoms even to blow you, but so what its the sexual human contact I seek. They could wrap me with a car cover and I would care less. Not to mention they are pretty and sweet had dinner with one gal after the bj and it was strange for me, but really nice to talk to such a free spirit.

Yet I had to ask ya know me Mr. Questions. I asked aren't you scared to meet strange men like this? Are you looking for Mr. Right this way? Does having sex with complete strangers after talking on phone exiting? How do you know I won't basically kill you and stuff you in a fridge? One said she was a black belt,I kinda believed her, another said she didn't care her "sex" Angel is watching over her, LOL. Another said wow baby how do you know you haven't fallen in my web and your dinner? Thats the girl I have a date with Monday, lmao how could I not after that comment.

Wow what a night man. I think I broke my own record for assholes buried and forgotten. So many parents will never have to know or worry for that matter on what happened tonight. I miss that beauty "T" Girl goddammit. I just can't get her out of my dam veins. Have dated tons of girls after her to get her out of my mind and I just fucking can't WTF MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I even dated a few hookers, not paid mind you, but they became my Girlfriends and still their sex never even came close to hers, let alone her Wiley ways. Thank God I never danced with her cause if she did dance I know I would have lost my mind over her.

Today I met a girl that looked so much like her my Bro Efrain came over and said no Dude you can't go there and wreck this ones heart too. He was right I asked her to get out of my car and I left almost in tears man. So I now can blog and twitter from my cell phone takes allot longer, but here I'm in Malibu waiting for dawn. Am going surfing today without my Son, so am tying on a hellacious of a buzz overlooking beach on cliff. Today it occurred me that I've been smoking weed for since I was 14 lmao man. Wow what a druggie rofl, sok it works for me and most of Disney studios graphic and creative departs too, that's another post to explain.

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