Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lol I don't care she Hooks.

Last night after my post I took off to Casa Vega in studio city. Last time there on a great date I saw droves of babes and well it was Saturday. I won't meet a girl at a bar unless she buys me a drink first, its weird I know and I bet I miss out on a lot of good girls, but its bad girls this Pirate be looking for... Argh matey...lmao About 30 mins into the drink( tanqueray martini, shaken not stirred and just think of the vermouth). I get the "drink" sent over if I may preface this post with that the last category you could place me as a man, is "handsome" that I am not, nor even good looking, cute or anything like," omg hes gorgeous" lmao man. Its just easy for the girl that can see what I am and what I'm into to pick me up, that's all. I get the drink sent over and well I look to see who the bartender is pointing to and FUCK MAN!!!!

Its without question the most beautiful girl, I've ever seen and not only that she was so freaking sexy, am kinda of a sucker for a girl with a mink, throw in a diamond choker and lol man am lost. I gulp the new drink down, bow curtly toward her, start to move in her direction and whack I slam into the cocktail waitress and knock her glasses off her tray onto floor and well I got soaked. I turn to look at the goddesses and shes laughing her ass off, looking straight at me. I start to laugh to move backwards to start towards her again and I step on some lady in back of me, she yelps and falls backwards on her man. As am apologizing to this lady's husband who is a gigantic muscular cross between THOR and the Green HULK. My girl comes over put her arm inside mine, smiles at the couple and leads me away to a table for dinner and the most memorable time I've ever had with a woman in my life.

Today she told me something and well here I am blogging it as I do everyday of my lifes events. Its what I do its not like you care or give a shit its just so somebody my kids anybody one day will remember and maybe even mention that I existed that's all this blog is for. When I leave for Europe next year I will post every every fucking picture of every mortal sin Ive committed and not will I blush or rue the day as I chose to do it freely and most willingly. I am what I am said Popeye the sailor man,. Last night wow man just fucking wow. So this morning at marmalade's on the strip. I ask her at breakfast whats the deal?, it was too perfect like a movie in fact. She grabbed my wrist and said only this right at me, straight into my eyes she said, "Baby I like you and I'm a hooker".

Many images and movies or mind thoughts flew through me when she said that, but mostly one image took root hard and deep. She asked me if I would have a problem with that, I assumned that being that she was a hooker I guess. I just giggled man, actually giggled lmao and said yea I would have a problem. She was so sweet and said she could make me forget about being possessive, all consuming and to be just like she said, "chillaxe?" lmao told her nah, that jealousy and all consuming love was my thing. She has one hell of a huge-ass apartment in Encino though and I kinda of like her in a, "I know what we do to survive kinda of a way", but man, I am jealous when I fall hard.

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