Sunday, July 19, 2009

It freaking happened again!!!!!!!

OMFG!!!!!!!! Twice in a lifetime is not only impossible, but so dam lucky. Ok here it is. This week has been so fucking tough, I mean tough. Its really just money problems, just dam annoying as you plan to take over the world. First I got a temporary restraining order on my ex wife. ROFL MAN! wait till she gets that shit served on her this week lmao man. The judge had a freaking cow when he read my statement. Issued it on the spot and she has to stay 100 yards away and I can record her calls to me. Yet that great victory is nothing compared to who I met and kissed all day today. On Thursday a girl sent me a email from a dating service I belong to. A platinum blond. I was like right, massive scam I bet. I replied with my cell phone number in email, figuring that should kill the Nigerian connection.

She called me a few hours later as I was making tacos. I was stunned that she was real and the way she pronounced my name, made my heart all fuzzy. Yet I was like yea, I felt same about "T" Girl and we all know how I blew that deal. So we talked a bit and planned a lunch date for Sunday at 1:00 in the fucking afternoon? Thought well that's going to be a bad date. I was, so what, there was something on how she said my name that made me want to keep the date. She calls next day and leaves a voice mail that her church group gets off early and if we could move it up down to 12:00, well I figured more bad vibes. I left her a voice mail, it was no problem.

At 12:00 I show up to the pit-fire pizza co. Wait until 12:45 I call her and say, "well Doll I was here sorry we didn't get to meet". I go home a little bummed about it. At 1:45 she calls and I answer, she asks its 1:15 what happened, I explain that I showed up at 12:00 based on her voice mail and she starts apologizing for her mistake of forgetting. I said, "baby no problem" so I push it and ask, hey instead of that pizza joint how about we get out of the oven the valley is becoming and head to beach. She said whatever you want, she really felt bad she had me wait since 12:00. ROFL if your a guy reading this you know that it was a great thing her forgetting.

So I show up to pitfire in 10 minutes and FUCK YEA ITS HER MAN!!!!!! The coffee dude running stand outside of pitfire place asks me you find her? I say yea see that honey inside shes mine bro. I open door as she is looking inside for a table, she turns and I say Hi Doll hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek. She hugs me back and off we go to my car. Have a loaner from car repair shop. In fact better bmw than my own. Am giving up my old beemer another post for that. So we take off to beach using cold-water canyon to get onto sunset. Since shes a real estate broker she explains that the bunch of signs in brentwood listing homes is a bad things as banks no longer take stated income info. Meaning you got to prove you have the money. Anyways I kiss her after filling up for gas at brentwood. Not a deep kiss I just reach over and kiss her on the lips. She opened her mouth a little but I didn't tongue her. I figure I did same with "T" Girl and this time something was different. I am wiser for the hurt of a love of a lifetime lost and this fucking time I ain't going to blow it.

We get to Cora's restaurant on ocean park and sit next to dave chapelle and his kids. She lets me order for her and wow man what a convo man what a freaking convo. Right now as I remember everything about today am about to write about, I'm all freaking smiley and dancing in front of PC LMAO MAN!!!!!!!!! Today for the first time in my life after leavening my wife that I show a woman who the fuck I am man!!!!!!! So we eat and lmao man I didn't care that restaurant was full of movie starts and shit. I had this woman in my sights and it mattered not who was eating next to us. So when we finished I asked her how about we walk to beach and hang out she was like sure. She surfs too and sails. I kissed her in parking lot. We drove to and a little past Venice Pier. Parked on a side street and walked to beach.

Her eyes are grey steel like with a tinge of blue. When she looked at me directly I would gasp a little each time. Huge eyelashes with those eyes and when she grabs her blond hair in her hand she looks like a babe from Netherlands. We walked to beach and HOLY freaking christ we made out like kids. We kissed on rocks and moved to sand and kissed, talked, laughed for a couple hours. She told me what name of ships or classes that were sailing on ocean. Mentioned about spinnakers and stuff. She was married for decades like me. I FUCKING LIKE HER ALLOT MAN!!

We laid on sand kissed and talked. I never met a girl that liked to kiss in public. Shes so fucking gorgeous. You guys remember that blond girl at high school that was so pretty and sweet to people? ROFL yea that's whom I'm now dating. So we head back from beach and yea we tight now. I take her back to pizza place, but the coffee stand is closed, so I suggest Starbucks across from us. We make out in Starbucks back corner table and she giggles a lot. So she tells me she took some electric bus to get here and and asks if I can drive her back up street to stop. Yea am like on it. So we make out at bus-stop or whatever the hell am waiting with Robin for. When it shows up I walk her onto it. Now this is what the whole post is about.

A black woman in front me as I say goodbye from outside of door tells a guy next to her that hes a stupid fag. The guy goes nuts on the black woman, calls her a stupid cunt. Have been told lately that before I go nuclear on a human, my voice gets lower, so low that it becomes a whisper. All I care is about Robin, who is just inches away from this asshole. I get on vehicle steps and tell the dude to relax, he can't hear me. My girl then tells this bastard, that I am behind him and he better relax, he barks back her that he is relaxed. I snapped!!!!!!!

I jab him on the back with my finger he falls forward a bit, turns looks at me. I guess its true what "T" Girl used to say. I have a murderous look. He starts to back up, but its too late. I' m going to kill the little bitch and I don't give a shit that the train or bus, whatever the fuck this thing is is jammed with people. He just made his last mistake of his worthless life. As I move in on him. Robin looks at me, and says my name and adds that she thinks the guy got the message and to spare him. I look at her, smile and while bowing to her say, "whatever you command my lady, I obey". I slowly walk backwards never taking my eyes off that little coward and get off the rapid transit crap. I stay there looking at Robin as she pulls away and she winks at me. I fucking melted and grew like 20 feet all at the same time. She later calls me next day and tells me the guy apologized to the black woman and he thanked Robin for keeping me off him.

So I ask Robin did she enjoy our date? She said my name and included words like fantastic to describe how she felt with me. I was like so dam happy, so I decide to do it. I ask, "hey Darling how about I make dinner for you this week at my place and you know"?She said, "hmm I don't know, your not my boyfriend yet". I laughed and shot back, "sorry darling I don't want to be your boyfriend am more of a Manfriend. She giggled and said, "heck yea, cool answer baby, I'll come over to you". I know shes older than me, I say at least 4 years. I don't care, am so fucking into her. I haven't even made love to her yet and I'm nuts about her.

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