Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'am back now.

Today my ex wife tried to stick me in jail for six months. I told her not only no, but I let her go free with no jail time for her. I live to protect women, never will harm one or have one suffer cause of me. The Detective told me he's heard about me and told my ex to basically to cool it before the shoe came down hard on the other foot. I did not nor will ever press charges against my ex-wife, regardless of the harm she brings against me. As the detective told me that my ex wife has lost all credibility in her city's court and that her judicial measure laid in my hands. All I could do was feel bad for her and told the officer to please talk to her and bring her to her senses,by the ends day all was resolved in our mutual favors. I will always love my ex wife, never can see her as an enemy even though she has betrayed me in a 100 ways. I don't give a fuck I fell in love with her when I was 13 years old and married her at 19. Stood by her as the madness that plagued her Mom slowly consumed and finally manifested itself in her. I swore I would take her to an island before anybody carted her to a asylum. Yet life had other plans for us, hence divorce. The babe I spoke to on Tuesday night was mad hot and look forward to meeting real soon. We shall see where this roller coaster heads to,

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