Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Name Thee "K" Girl :)

Am way over my pointy little head with this girl, wow man. She is the best kisser on this Earth. Plans changed and she came to my end of the valley. We watched some live bands at Skinny's and kissed like teens with nowhere to be or go. This is the first girl I date without drinking alcohol with her. "K" Girl likes to order diet drinks, I order bottled water. She is without a question beautiful. She was tired at the end and I was recovering from the body's denial of immortality. Drove her home and walked her to the door, kissed all the way and I really like her. I just don't get her. She told me she was a handful, but which woman isn't? I doubt it will work out, as I can't even imagine what kind of brain power it takes to run with this girl. In other words I rather go out in her eyes as a brave, ready to die for a woman kind of a guy, then a an idiot like last time. Ernesto was right, am light years from having a relationship with a real woman, he meant like star war light years...<----Pushes the spectre of loneliness aside and puts head down on desk and heavily sighs.

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