Thursday, July 2, 2009

I meant every word too.

WOW She was pretty man. So after canceling out on me the "babe" met me tonight at Starbucks. We hit it off pretty well. Even got the, "call me Hon when you get home", request. I have always thought that as a sweet gesture and very considerate. She was fucking stunning man. I mean it was magical on how we flirted and probed. Eyes that could be so furtively mysteriously sexy. There isn't one day yet in past 3 months that I haven't thought of "T" Girl. I fell so hard for her, why so hard and so long, who knows man, but I did. Tonight this wonder of a woman was so freaking hot. I know she gasped when I told her about her eyes. She told me no one has ever told what I did. I meant every word too.

We closed Starbucks and stayed talking outside of her car. I really did my best to charm and it was strange this time man. With "T" Girl it was the most exciting date I've ever been on. Meeting every woman of course has been an adventure and such a unique privilege. I know God really loves all, as he gave us each other to find and maybe love again. I once loved deep and true and it was wonderful. Then I experienced love at first sight, a true miracle and wow man something you have to feel to understand. This hottie is a Caribbean babe lmao and doesn't know how to swim. Told her if she wanted to hang out with my Son and I on Sunday and watch us surf at Malibu. I was happy when she said yea. Yea "T" Girl was special and unfathomable, but so is every woman..yes?


  1. you don't need me or miss me. Guess I should start dating again since you have most definately been keeping busy.

  2. Sandra I have been in love with you since I first laid eyes on you. Can you find a tougher dude than me? Can you not see in my eyes my lust and passion for you. Could you really blame me for bringing the eyes of some fuck that looked at you the wrong way. Sandra I have loved you for a thousand years I am in totally in love with you in every way known to man. You know that you can feel me everyday I reach out for you. I know you can feel me or wouldn't email me. Take my hand baby and let the prophecy of true love unfold.


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